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Our Learning Opportunities

Supporting social-emotional growth


Outdoor Play

Each class period, your child will spend at least 30 minutes playing outside on our natural playground. We have bikes, cars, balance beam, slides, mud kitchen, tunnel, and a sledding hill. We explore our playground, but also spend time appreciating the nature around us.


Imaginative Play

Each day children will have many opportunities to engage in imaginative play. Whether it be dramatic play, reading books, building with blocks, or writing/drawing, children will be given the freedom to use their imaginations. These opportunities rotate on a monthly basis so the experiences are always fresh and new.


STEM Lessons

WCP has many opportunities for children to engage in STEM activities. Beginning in 2021, our school created a classroom dedicated to STEM learning opportunities. Students are able to interact with science through investigative stations, technology with tools, engineering through building opportunities, and math with creative problem solving. Through a partnership with the Grand Ledge Public Library, WCP students are able to participate in monthly specialized STEM lessons designed just for them.

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