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Our Roots Run Deep

Since 1972 Wacousta Cooperative Preschool has been meeting the childcare needs of the Wacousta community. We have recently reinvented ourselves to modernize our cooperative model so we can continue to serve our community. We were started by a small group of parents who wanted a place to educate their children through play and community. We are still that place 50 years later. Our roots run deep in our community. We have parents all the time come to us because they came to preschool here, and now they want to give their own children the same wonderful experience they once had. There's a reason we say that WCP is a beautiful place to be. Our school's reach extends beyond our walls and far into our community. Grandparents who's children went to WCP are now watching as their grandchildren begin their journey with us. 

Our cooperative model is our foundation. We believe that the best way to educate children is through collaboration between families and educators. We have recently updated our model to meet the needs of our modern families. Although we do still require engagement by all our families, we have made it more flexible for working families. You choose how you can best contribute to our success. We have expanded our class offerings to include both half day and full day options. We have also made it so families can choose our traditional MWF or TTh class offerings, or can choose to send their child every day.


We have been able to do all of this while still staying true to our roots. We have also been able to remain affordable for our community. Our tuition is the lowest in the area, and we have a variety of opportunities to help families offset those costs.  We offer scholarships, connect families with tuition assistance programs, and hold fundraisers throughout the year that parents can use to credit their tuition. WUMC even supports us by offering a small scholarship to one family per year. 

WCP is invested in the Wacousta community. We've been here for 50 years helping our community grow. We'll spend the next 50 continuing to meet the needs of all families through support, partnership, community, and understanding. 

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